Embed Linking Technique : How to Rank Youtube Video

Embed Linking Technique : How to Rank Youtube Video

Embed Linking technique - How to rank youtube videos
Embed Linking technique – How to rank youtube videos

Hey Today i am going to share a trick to Rank a Youtube Video under Top 5 Search Result of that keyword, it can be also called as Youtube SEO.

This trick is tested by me and by my friends and works for us every time
1.Find a Keyword to make a video on.
2.Create the video but don’t upload it to your Youtube Channel.
3.Search the keyword on Youtube and like the top 10 search video results of that keyword and subscribe the top 3 channels of that keyword (After 10-15 days you can unsubscribe that channel).
4.Put a note of the description of that top 10 Videos, Description length,Keywords used and keywords density.
5.Use your main keyword at starting of the description and at ending of the description and in middle of the description use some LSI and other keywords for Reference look the description of that top 10 search video results description.
6.Find some blogs having post on the same niche (Topic) and send a mail to them giving them a Backlink from your Youtube Channel video in favor they have to embed their video in their Blog Post, but the Blog you are sending the mail should have minimum DA 20 and PA 25 or more than it.
7.Upload the video on your channel, Share it on Google+, Twitter and Facebook with your Youtube channel name + with your Main Keyword just like for example
” #YoutubeGuru #MainKeyword #YoutubeGuruMainKeyword “
Then embed your videos on the Blogs.
8.Ask your 5 Facebook friends to give +1 Like on Google+ and share’s on Facebook all the share and like should be done from different machine and different IP Address.
9.After 3 hours of video, start updating the video Description in every 2 hours for 3 times and do not do more than that.
10.Remember you have to share all your social link in your description page and 3 Blog Post URL having your Embed Video in it and a Youtube Channel verified site link.
It’s Mine Trick and i have tested it, I call this trick as Embed Linking Technique  Specially shared For Udit Goenka Group members, If u liked this Trick  don’t forget to share your thoughts in the below comment box.

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